The Hidden View 021212

The poor and the talented have a view of the rich haunts that are much like the alley cats.  You can see the magnificent palace in all its splendor with the graceful and elegant lines and lawns and runways.  As we are forbidden to go into the house for fear of tracking up the kitchen floor, we also see the barriers that  prevent us from reaching them.  If the house is truly wealthy that the barriers are often splendid as well.  imagine a regal clover leaf on the highway where the château is many levels above us and on the other side.  And in front of that is a construction site of something large and expensive that is closer to the poor, such as a hospital.  And in front of that someone talented, with a lot of money, perhaps someone who has gone mad from the château, has written a large graffiti message in multicolored bold letter, across the barrier preventing th poor from entering.  These are the messages that are beautiful and unusual and these are what I love to find with my camera.


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