Celebrating the Woman Near Me.

I always do things a little late.  Sleepless suddenly again, my thoughts turn to the past day:  March 8, 2012 is International Womans Day.  Every year.

Andrea, at the womans residence that I live in, is a very hip, very cool employment counsellor.  This past day she wore a beautiful and bright dress to celebrate the female in all of us. She told me to write a blog for the event and I think it s a capital idea.  Many thanks to you Andrea.  i enjoy your sparkle and  your courage.

Happy woman”s day to everybody. It’s a good time to enjoy the female part of our world, that sensual curvaceous body, the pin-up girl, the free spirit, the urban muse.  Let us salute as well the inspiring and personable  women that nourish our minds and do not forget our imagination.

Think Queen Elisabeth in her wonderfully bright yellow with a great hat and a large bouquet of the same colored roses.  Or Michele Obama is that smashing  Jason Wu evening  dress.  How about the movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts (remember that movie and the part where she got the Richard Gere  character, a super important ultra-elite executive to walk barefoot on the sweet grass)?

I also salute our very beautiful and talented receptionist, Emanuele.  Her smile adds zest to my life.  And even closer to my heart, she plays a soulful clarinet and saxophone.  You can  hear her mellow Latin beat at http://www.myspace.com/duohollingermarino.

Happy Woman’s Day until the next March 8th.


7 thoughts on “Celebrating the Woman Near Me.

  1. Emma says:

    Thank you for sharing my music Kathy! I’m honored to share my way to search beauty with everyone on this blog!! 🙂 Enjoy the sunny day of march!


    • kfmoment says:

      Its a pleasure to spread the word about sublime and beautiful latin music made by your duo. You too take pleasure in douce March.


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