Rich and Beautiful. Man.

To Seek a New Home

My work is dedicated to a passion. I seek a man.  he is a very rich and beautiful man.  My world is very poor but there are  people  who understand the innate need of some people  regardless of their income or social class, who seek out the beauty in their world.  I am one like this.  To me there is no use living if we do not find the excellent.   The excellent is always immortalized in the form of art that of the society you live in.  In my world, there is no excellent without a clear function. l It is to house a business like a world commerce centre.  It is to glorify the lineage of those  who own it .  As I walk around many places that have these testaments  to beauty  appreciate what they evoke to anyone who sees them.  They show the presence of those who create with integrity;  those who understand  how to forge excellence in the form of art or architecture.  It is there I gravitate to when.  It is these  places that I am fascinated with and strive to film.  And it is in these places that I seek my source of inspiration.  Because all my work is created for this man, this very rich and very beautiful man   of whom I wrote about at the beginning  of this text.  I see him nowhere.  I probably will never be able to talk to him because I cannot speak.  But as long as my courage stays with me I will keep him in my heart.