Elite Thoughts 0319201

Beauty Pop

Beauty Pop (Photo credit: Kyotomaru)

You have to compose your mind like you are creating  a garden.  I cultivate the beautiful thoughts like flowers and I weed out the limiting ones.  In this way my thoughts are fashioned.   The very conversations I have with the others in my residence are directed to only a few topics and I take advantage of this.  I start the series of photographic images that compose my vision  of a metropolis that exists only where beauty exists.  If there is ugliness then my city simply is not there. One problem is that sometimes I feel like I am weeding out the joy in my mind along with the dandelions.  It would be so excellent if could partake of the laughter that our culture offers to strangers.  I crave the financial means and the physical security to do so and need the services of an excellent teacher as well.


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