Exclusive Exhibition

Ulli Kampelmann speaking at the opening of her...

Ulli Kampelmann speaking at the opening of her exclusive exhibition of her artworks in the Stuttgart International Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will be holding a private exhibition of ten works in my room for the next three months.  My friend Farida said that it is a good idea to prepare your  exhibit even before you have a formal  space so as I was doing it , the last results looked so appealing it seemed only natural to hang them in my room for the time being. The subject is about wealth and beauty but as Krystyna pointed out  this display is also about cars and travelling.  They are inspiring and they  also give me agood idea to bring people in get some comments about something that is really concerning me: establishing the price of the first works that will be for sale.


Your ideas and thoughts are welcome

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