Managing Easter


google chrome

google chrome (Photo credit: toprankonlinemarketing)

This Easter had  a had w little problems.  One of them was about a small computer breakdown.  The following letters show my way of negotiating matters like these.

April 8, 2012

Dear T,

I hope that your day is going well.  Happy Easter.

I am pleased to say that some of the problems have been solved with a system back up and restore.  Thank God I have my keyboard back and  Google Chrome is functioning normally. i still have no chat box in your support bulletin but i see that my old message (see below) has been received for your records.  I wish S. a great week off.

what happened is that I originally contacted him because I have problems getting rid of my Excel charts.  I cannot drop them.  He started working on the problem and I had to leave the room for a few minutes.  The Log Me in applet had disappeared from sight and there was a message on a notepad that said the session was terminated.  So I closed the machine and left.  I got a phone call right away from S. but I had to leave.  when I called him back later he was not available and I couldn’t find the chat button.

What was on the screen was a Microsoft Fix it site so I thought he wanted me to fix it and  I have had trouble since.  I don’t understand all the stuff. Anyways my keyboard went when S. opened the excel, the Chrome went out of sync, and I couldn’t get the link for the chat open.  or find the chat.  Anyways now that most of the problems are solved about the machine. I am still left with about 7 downloads of Chrome on my machine and I cannot get rid of about five pipeline excel charts. As a matter of fact when I try to get rid of my photographs files the system stops and restarts again so I can’t get rid of them either. 

I would like for Microsoft to help me get the excel functioning and help me get rid of some of my files.

I realize its Easter Sunday.  I can certainly wait until someone is available. 

Thanks to all of Microsoft and you T. as well as S. for your most valuable work.

Sincerely K.V.F.

hello T, i am pleased that you contacted me,  i tried to send this but got a postmaster delivery faiilure from the report.  none of these problems solved. can use your expertise

sent yesterday.

hi S. i couldnt connect to the link you sent and there was no chat box. i appreciate all your good work. i dont know if you are in the same time zone. its saturday night here so i will wish you a good evening and a restful easter sunday. meanwhile i didnt see your email address at first but i am glad i found it. i am also having trouble connecting to google. its frustratiing so i will be on the computer on aand off to try to see if i can geet it a little better. thanks again. sorry about my clumsiness with the online keyboaard.  need my regular one


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