Valuable Documents in Peril

Relative humidity

Relative humidity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blog prompt: Feature a definition or explanation for a commonly misunderstood term or idea in your field. Give your own opinion on its meaning & usage and then invite others to share their experience of this term or idea. by Tara Gentile.

Great idea, Tara.   It just hits the spot because keeping paper documents intact isn’t just about finding anywhere to store your stuff.

let start with  the  ‘ten agents of
deterioration’ (
physical forces
thieves and vandals
light, ultraviolet and infrared
incorrect temperature
incorrect relative humidity

How do I get my historical documents safely preservedif I don’t have any money.  Because, lets say I am still part of the avant-garde and still underground?.  How do I get my good work preserved before I leave the field of danger?  Good question eh?


Your ideas and thoughts are welcome

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