Physical Forces

All New Project

Exclusive exhibit at a Center City Residence.constantly evolving. Previews by invitation only.

The Canadian Centre for Conservation offered me a bit of information in the  form of the ten conditions of deterioration(  The first on the list is physical forces.

Physical forces. I know it well.  For example, I found a beautifully preserved, large, large, Mark Rothko print on the side of the road.  It probably was too large for its ex-owner to easily give it away.  Another example of physical force is what happened la little while ago when I was looking for some frames at a flea market.  A series of glorious images were lined in a neat row, all approximately the same size.  As someone was going through them a sound of broken glass suddenly pierced the silence.  One of the  frames broke just by the handling.  So I  look with horror at my artwork, all attractively framed in a neat row on a shelf.  My dreams are a nightmare of shattered glass and ruined  art.  I can tell you a lot about physical forces.  Like dropping one.


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