Precious Series displayed in Residence Hallway

Someone wanted to give $5.00 to see the show of my art works in my bedroom.   I was  interested in showing my art.   I had always had several works from the “Precious” series that easily went into the hallway.   The Gold is in the room under lock and key.  And the Silver is in the Hall for those who are interested to see.  It looks good life is fine as far as they go.  But  the threat of physical damage is  ever-present.  Do you have any suggestions about how they can be properly conserved? And this with an  eye toward maintaining the value of a perfect document?

Money for Viewing in the Hall

For those who have the right credentials, there is an in-house exhibition.

I will finish this article with an excellent thought:

“Asking questions demonstrates your interest in a
positive outcome and is to be encouraged. Never
worry about looking stupid for asking for more
information. The smartest people value
information and are always ready to ask for more.”

A quote by Peter Murphy

I would love to hear about your opinion on this matter.


Your ideas and thoughts are welcome

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