Not to be Argued With.

Not to Be Outdone: Breeding

Art in the proper setting

I now give you permission to state your dream and make it your destination. Quote by Tara Gentile

I continue on my mission to get my artwork and my documents perfectly safe.  The Canadian Centre of Conservation started me on my journey with the ’ten agents of deterioration’ (

Number two on the list are thieves and vandals.

If I have to name some of the most charming, beautiful, inoffensive people who I have ever come across it has to be thieves and vandals.  You know, the kind that you don’t dare to raise your voice for being afraid to insult them?  It is the perfect crime: never reported.  I wouldn’t think of it. Usually, if the person is caught there will be a wonderfully logical reason for your possession to be taken: I did something.  I need some place to show where my work is secure from these problems.  As I read on the subject, the essential base to avoid problems with thieves and vandalism is to always have a contract when you show.  And a lawyer.  And in the contract it is to be stated clearly who is the owner of the exhibited works.  And who is responsable to pay and how much for or theft or damage.


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