Exciting Evolution of Hidden Exhibition

Classic Beauty

For VIPs like you readers I open my studio for a glimpse of the works in it .

I continue my mission to get my artwork safe.  (http://www.cci-icc.gc.ca/crc/articles/mcpm/index-eng.aspx).  The third danger to the safety of my work “dissociation” is so important at this time in my life I am going to dedicated another blog to it.

The Precious Collection in my room explores the theme of the Voyage. In the Hall I deal with the subjects of City Pleasures. My first intention was to just hang the works by April 30 and leave them as they were until June 30th.  But this has evolved into an idea to leave several key works permanent and change the others. Also I have introduced some other artists’ works. Also I have produced some exciting new photographs.  So the exhibitions are not static  but are now a work in progress under the same themes .   Dissociation is the greatest problem that I face when arranging art exhibitions.  I fear no one will ever even know they exist.  What remains is how to publicize. Do you have any ideas on how you would keep people informed about an exhibition in an out-of-the-way place?  Where would you advertise to a select market?  And  with an eye towards discretion.  Write your ideas in the comment section of this article.


Your ideas and thoughts are welcome

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