Distinguished Works in Danger of Water Damage

High Establishment http://www.cci-icc.gc.ca/caringfor-prendresoindes/articles/10agents/index-eng.aspx

5. water

Inspirational word of the day: Blue Blooded

The historical district of our fair city includes Old Montreal with fine families that created distinguished  buildings such as the ones I captured in this tableau. It is displayed on the second floor  corridor of our residence. This exhibition of twelve works   are windows that look out on the beautiful places of our home town.  Since many of the women I live with can’t visit these places, it establishes a bond between those inside and contemporary life of the world outside.  My  show is encased in  glassed frames and is hanging on the wall so it  is secure from water damage most of the time.  But if there were to be a fire, the system has  a sprinkler system that would certainly be a danger to them.  How do you protect your works from damage if you have a sprinkler system?  Do you know of any other way to secure a house other than water?  How about your works?  What frame would you use?  How do you protect paper documents that are unframed?  Do you know of resources that are available to me? I would appreciate  you writing about it in the comments section.

Oh, just a reminder.  Lets suppose my works are for sale and offers are welcome on a starting price of thirty thousand dollars. What would your bid be?


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