Inspirational Phrase: Financial Wizard

“Every time you make a call, look at it as a training exercise.  Do the best job you can, and you will do better every time.”

Robert Regis Dvorak

This is  goes for my quest in general.  I start by reading the books.  Then I do the small things they say to do step by step.   So far I do about ten calls a week.  So much for the training.

And always, I look for the way to go from the training to the big time.  To get out of the maze and live a life enjoying the big money.

P.S. The regular schedule for posting my blogs has been changed to Saturday for a little while due to technical difficulties. 

New Exhibition Protected by Artist In Person

My images are available for exclusive customers at this time at fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) each .   A site on web will be available to make them more accessible to you in the near future.  I will keep you posted.


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