What is happening to the riches for the poor like me?

As I write, my parents house is being emptied. And junk like a brand new car and my mother’s priceless jewelery just seems to disappear estate will be split.  Several times my brother has asked me to help him clean up the house but before i do I would have to get to and from there by myself.  Now that’s a three-hour bus ride.  Never wa anything done to prepare for this fact despite way before my father passed away or my mother was ill I asked about it repeatedly.  I had volunteered  in the not for profit sector of charity of  which in similar situations there was use of taxi vouchers and lifts.  This is refused repeatedly.  If I was to pay it would be about $60.00 each time: an inappropriate amount. It seems that I was not ready for anything as my brother is saying with his repeated demands for my help in cleaning out the house.  Yes but how will I be helped to do so.  If it is like in the past, not only will I be left to fend for myself there will be great disapproval at my weakness and ineptitude.  Never mind no sympathy for my emotional distress.  It becomes a very obvious question to me.  And my family never had any money but where is my father’s cars.Who is getting compensation for all the stuff that is disappearing from the house now? what is my inheritance.  Do they have ethe right to leave me unknowing?    the director of the home wants to help me with taking some stuff.  I am afraid that she will not respect its worth and more importantly I will not financially benefit from it because it is, as this order often says, superfluous and not important.    My brothers denies her access to our home.  I am afraid of another poor confrontation.


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