Beautiful and the Best in Global Consciousness

As the objects in my mother’s house disappear the objects in my house continue to come in.  Two hundred dollars sweaters not remotely my size easily are put on the table to give away.  I have started a weekly draw for the stuff that is one size fits all. For a few weeks nothing comes back.

Blue Tapestry from Viet Nam

An Exquisite Banner from the Orient.[slideshow]

  Finally I get results.  Just look at the tapestry I got in the picture attached.   Its beautiful and blue and from Viet Nam. Hung from the magnificent wooden hanger it is certainly imposing.  One just like it decorates the store I go to.  It is hard to decide what to do.  Especially since it looks great in the hall.  But there are no many places to show it and the only place it fits is relatively hidden.  But it is blue and I am not in a blue mood. However luckily it came with the bill and I was able to exchange it for much needed frames for my works.They say not to even consider selling unless you have twenty framed works ready to go.  I have thirteen.  I go down to the store called Dix Mille Villages (French for Ten Thousand Villages).  No problem with the exchange and they have great frames too.  Lots of great stuff and all the merchandise is very globally conscious.  It supports many causes, this store.


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