Power is Knowledge

The task at hand is to transform my life from a poor and simple one to  rich and beautiful one.  For this there must be educators.  How do I convince an expert to  let me in on to the trade secrets? One obvious solution is to acquire a lot of money and thus attract the experts.   I turn my eye to all the antique stores that surround my residence.  I stare at all the second hand, poorly presented merchandise around me.  I stare until my eyes blur.   How can I find out the extraordinary find: the one that will start me on my way to the solution?  First, magically, I must find wealth where there is obviously none.  One of the things I found is in the picture below.  How much do you think it is worth? Is it real?  How can you tell?  If you have any information on how to find expensive objects in simple antique stores write me at kfabian.kathynotes@gmail.com.  I would be most grateful.

I must find out the object's obvious worth.

I must find out the object’s obvious worth.


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