Merry Christmas Baby

Kodak and I created this  card.

Kodak and I created this card.

Christmas Night.  I ate some chocolate brownies late and so am quite wide awake at 4:37a.m. Around this time I receive a lot of gifts. Matching gifts and people is my specialty. Invariably there is  still extra stuff.  So I spent the evening using up the rest of the Christmas presents. Using up the presents means that I am making them all neat and nice and attaching my special label on them.  They will be placed on the ping pong table downstairs as soon as I have the courage to go down in the morning for anyone who passes by. It is a good idea to give away extra stuff at the Holiday Season.

On the desk there is a tape by Michael Bolton called” A Swinging Christmas”L isten a little at:

And Merry Christmas Baby to you.

Also I am listening to Winter wonderland by Emiie-Claire Barlow . Check out:

(very pretty music and she is wearing a great evening dress on the cover).

May I take this time to extend my warmest wishes to you , the reader for the holiday season and beyond.  May the magic of this time stay with you throughout the New Year.


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