Music on a Happy New Year

A Certain Elegant Standard of Living

A Certain Elegant Standard of Living

I am listening to  singer Kylie Minogue with her  recording called “Live in Dublin“.  You can see the video at:

To a Maria Callas Recording called “The Platinum Collection.  Listen to a little from it  at:

, and to the delightful strains of the Arion Orchestra playing Telemann. Can’t find it on YouTube but check out something else by Arion at:

It could not have been a whiter Christmas and the snow is still white and piled high on this quiet New Year‘s eve. My room The Jewellery Box sports a couple of new additions such as this Vanessa Doll which you see in this picture below.  I also received a wonderful address book on the Ritz Hotel which introduced a high standard of luxury to London.  Although these two finds are not made of precious metals they show the high standard of living that my work is made for.  For this reason they make a welcome improvement to my room.


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