Best in Pup, Fresh Whimsical Art


For sale to a select clientele.

For sale to a select clientele.

Presently The Art-Fabian Company is proud and excited to exhibit a selection of 12 new imaginative antiques representative of those of expensive homes celebrating the great New Age of Luxuries.

The Ladies of the Pavilion Marie Hermine did not let the lack of children at their home prevent them from celebrating the innocence and joy that is found at the 2012 Holiday Season.

Many whimsical animal sculptures aroused the enthusiasm of our intrepid ladies who brought them into the home with a smile and The Art Fabian Company hopes this beautiful collection of antiques will move you just they did the many admirers that brought them inside their residence.

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The Art Fabian Company is the brainchild of K.V. Fabian, artist, collector and businesswoman. Its mission is twofold:  First and foremost the company makes fine art landscapes and still-lives photographic images tailored to grace the homes of the ultrarich. These images are for sale, for a limited time only at $200,000.00 each.To create these images, objects are found from the many fine antique stores in the Montreal area.These objects are for sale for exclusive clientele at various prices.

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