“TheExpensiveRitz” at an Unbeatable Price




The Art Fabian Company


The Ten Thousand Dollar Corner

This week the Art Fabian Company is delighted to present “TheExpensiveRitz” as the Fourth of a series of items for sale in its new Ten Thousand Dollar corner

A Steal at Ten Thousand Dollars

K . V. Fabian is known for stressing the role of a work of art as  an élite luxury object that conveys a sense of wealth and beauty  that would be found in the most majestic Chateaus

Fabian’s works arouse the enthusiasm of artists and other idealists who believe in the power of wealth and The Art Fabian Company hopes that the TheExpensiveRitz”will touch your heart.

More about K. V. Fabian

The present newsletter offers a glimpse into the private collection of The Art Fabian Company.  K. V. Fabian routinely has an  exclusive exhibition by invitation only in which she offers her photographic images for two hundred thousand dollars each. As privileged readers of this blog  you can buy this exquisite item at the low price of ten thousand dollars.  You must check your find carefully because all the items are Final Sale Only. Your money will not be returned.


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