On The Pride of Being an Artist

Last edited September 11, 2012

Something very important often becomes a personal thing, something that you don’t just mention.  At least I don’t.  This has hurt me often.  I have taken a very long time to call myself an artist.  And you know, I don’t know why.

It was only today when I was casually talking to Joelle at the table that I realized what I have been all this time and why I have both traveled and mingled with genius.  I am also a composer. I am a brilliant composer. Certainly my music is every where and as I age, it gets taken more and more seriously.

It has many times been interpreted as classical jazz  now (and with amazing results indeed) and I myself have  translated it into full classical scores with a full classical symphony orchestra.  Also, if you want to find gifted musicians there are almost none better than royalty.  Since they are always there with the trouble you can, in a pinch, to divert the tension, convince them to sort out brilliant music.   It is no less than the best that the world has to offer.  Really.


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