Social Activism Unrewarded. So what?

If I deny a lifetime of work, Then what?

First Published on: Dec 27, 2012 @ 20:46

I go through thrift shops and I create art to create a personal fortune.  So far I have had not that much luck.  Listen to what happened:

At one point I found an expensive watch.  It was not my size so I gave it to charity. I offered the a challenge. Take this very same watch and don’t just get the current retail price. I challenge you to increase the value of this object to such an extent that it can clean up a current social cause.

At this time there was to be a signing of a treaty between a powerful head of state and a very important but impoverished advocate for human rights. The charity took up my challenge. We flew to the signing and the activist sported the watch as the treaty was signed.  Afterwards it was offered for sale as a memento of a historic treaty.

A  huge sum of money was gotten to support the activist.  End of her poverty. Hers not mine.  I remain to this day living beneath the poverty line.

So what can do so that I can improve my own lot?  I don’t even know if I was considered as a social activist by the woman I helped.  Certainly she sent no money back. No one ever did.  I don’t know if my poverty matters to anyone.    If I can’t solve my own poverty than what am I doing?

One thing is certain. I am doing something fundamentally wrong.


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