Do You Know How to Begin A Fight for Your Inheritance?

(Last edited September 18, 2012)

When one is homeless there is a concentrated effort to make people adjust to the poverty.  I accept that the idea of making people adjust to poverty is to make sure that reality is not so painful.  For example, sometimes you must have support when confronting the fact that you must rely on strangers as family. I also understand that it is my right and my duty to somehow to change this injustice in my corner.  I must find away to get rid of the intense poverty training.

One thing I would like is a counselling session.  It would be most practically located,  they say,  in a conference center much like the school of Ramit Sethi uses.  Chicago is supposed to have a great hotel and conference center.  If you have any comments on this contact me at

It is also up to me to fight for both my estate and my passion for the best that civilization has to offer: Luxuries.  One of the first things to do: I must find a permanent storage space.


Your ideas and thoughts are welcome

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