Do You Really Want To Bother with My Valuables?

One thing is sure, if you have something valuable and someone find this out  there is a great chance that when you get rid of it as superfluous they will be around to kind of scoot it away. ( don’t worry about it you won’t feel a thing).

Also as regards to my inheritance, at this time there is need to tend to your own estate.  I met this with my painting.  If someone collects cows, they will save the stuff with cows, and simply throw out all the rest  because they don’t need it (it is trash).   What is left?  Two sullen, rather badly done paintings of cows.

I rarely do cows and if that is all that is left so it is clear that I did nothing at all. That helps me not at all with proving the quality of the estate.  I can see my parents estate being distributed to the poor except for the one or two objects that someone deems important to their collection.

I am writing so that this will not happen.  IF you have any advice or help to give please write me at


Your ideas and thoughts are welcome

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