You and I Are the Music


Last edited by The Art Fabian Company on September 11, 2012

Note:  All of these articles that were last edited a long time ago…At the time, they were so painfully intimate thoughts I thought that I would get in trouble if I published them.  I also at the same time, felt very strongly about them.  So now, with time, dear reader, they are not so bad and we get to share them together.

You are part of  music.  You are in it.  You help create it  because you are part of the world around the man on the street.  Every time you move you create the noise that along with the subway and the traffic and the wind and the machines will inspire musical talent to new heights of enjoyable listening pleasure.

I can give you a bit of proof.  Take out your sound machine and headphones and go to the McGill metro station at rush hour.  Put on the music of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and listen to it as you go to catch the subway.  You will feel the interaction of yourself and the music.  Guaranteed.

Here is the music for you to listen to whether you feel like doing this or not.  It is great music:


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