Social Activism Unrewarded. So what?

If I deny a lifetime of work, Then what?

First Published on: Dec 27, 2012 @ 20:46

I go through thrift shops and I create art to create a personal fortune.  So far I have had not that much luck.  Listen to what happened:

At one point I found an expensive watch.  It was not my size so I gave it to charity. I offered the a challenge. Take this very same watch and don’t just get the current retail price. I challenge you to increase the value of this object to such an extent that it can clean up a current social cause.

At this time there was to be a signing of a treaty between a powerful head of state and a very important but impoverished advocate for human rights. The charity took up my challenge. We flew to the signing and the activist sported the watch as the treaty was signed.  Afterwards it was offered for sale as a memento of a historic treaty.

A  huge sum of money was gotten to support the activist.  End of her poverty. Hers not mine.  I remain to this day living beneath the poverty line.

So what can do so that I can improve my own lot?  I don’t even know if I was considered as a social activist by the woman I helped.  Certainly she sent no money back. No one ever did.  I don’t know if my poverty matters to anyone.    If I can’t solve my own poverty than what am I doing?

One thing is certain. I am doing something fundamentally wrong.


A Valued Collector with an Inheritance


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To create an ambiance of my living quarters and to remind me of my mission, I display my collection of riches that I find when I prowl around the city.  My focus is on silver and gold.  The walls are decorated with works from the Gold section of my Precious Collection.

One of my primary goals  at this time is to find a place that of  can house my collection of the printed artwork that I constantly amass.  I am a great admirer of the talent of the artists around our city. This place would also display the extensive collection of my parents that I am to inherit.


You and I Are the Music


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Note:  All of these articles that were last edited a long time ago…At the time, they were so painfully intimate thoughts I thought that I would get in trouble if I published them.  I also at the same time, felt very strongly about them.  So now, with time, dear reader, they are not so bad and we get to share them together.

You are part of  music.  You are in it.  You help create it  because you are part of the world around the man on the street.  Every time you move you create the noise that along with the subway and the traffic and the wind and the machines will inspire musical talent to new heights of enjoyable listening pleasure.

I can give you a bit of proof.  Take out your sound machine and headphones and go to the McGill metro station at rush hour.  Put on the music of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and listen to it as you go to catch the subway.  You will feel the interaction of yourself and the music.  Guaranteed.

Here is the music for you to listen to whether you feel like doing this or not.  It is great music:

The Essence of My Music

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And if I would have to describe the essence of the music that I have created?  It is the beat of the streets.  It is the common mind of the world that I encounter.

There is a rhythm to mankind.  You are part of it.  If ever one day you feel small or non-existent, be comforted to know that you are very part of the brilliance of mankind.  And it is this very essence of music that I search out and translate into music.

If you want to take a perfect symbol of what I do go look at the gypsy violinist that you pass by on your way to whatever you downtown.  Often he has a hat in front of him to ask for money but not always.  If you listen, you would be very often hearing exquisite melody.

On The Pride of Being an Artist

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Something very important often becomes a personal thing, something that you don’t just mention.  At least I don’t.  This has hurt me often.  I have taken a very long time to call myself an artist.  And you know, I don’t know why.

It was only today when I was casually talking to Joelle at the table that I realized what I have been all this time and why I have both traveled and mingled with genius.  I am also a composer. I am a brilliant composer. Certainly my music is every where and as I age, it gets taken more and more seriously.

It has many times been interpreted as classical jazz  now (and with amazing results indeed) and I myself have  translated it into full classical scores with a full classical symphony orchestra.  Also, if you want to find gifted musicians there are almost none better than royalty.  Since they are always there with the trouble you can, in a pinch, to divert the tension, convince them to sort out brilliant music.   It is no less than the best that the world has to offer.  Really.

Do You Know How to Begin A Fight for Your Inheritance?

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When one is homeless there is a concentrated effort to make people adjust to the poverty.  I accept that the idea of making people adjust to poverty is to make sure that reality is not so painful.  For example, sometimes you must have support when confronting the fact that you must rely on strangers as family. I also understand that it is my right and my duty to somehow to change this injustice in my corner.  I must find away to get rid of the intense poverty training.

One thing I would like is a counselling session.  It would be most practically located,  they say,  in a conference center much like the school of Ramit Sethi uses.  Chicago is supposed to have a great hotel and conference center.  If you have any comments on this contact me at

It is also up to me to fight for both my estate and my passion for the best that civilization has to offer: Luxuries.  One of the first things to do: I must find a permanent storage space.